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Vol.8 - drop only

Do you remember that kindergarten friend whom you played dolls with? That one that is more your sister than anything else, literally. That one that knows your core, your energy, your ups, downs, soul & most importantly, that one that reads your mind just by looking at you. Life happens, distance, boyfriends, new friends, adolescence, jobs, adulting, depression, happiness... But it doesn't seem like an issue, and somehow you're still the closest. That person feels like home. A BOND THAT CAN'T BE BROKEN, so let's match those FRSA shirts like two kids that won't grow up - In the name of TRUE FRIENDSHIP

BOM-111 copy.jpg
B999DECD-FCB3-4674-8D71-2E2CC92D7798 2.jpg
9B9A5956-E52A-49D3-BA1E-4A1E3BAFA805 2.jpg
26EF03CF-DCC4-4BDC-A4BA-ACCECD05F89F 2.jpg
E24828B1-9DE4-4836-BED4-BA404B0B7D71 2.jpg
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